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Recommend Please prepare your time before you come and enjoy your meal 

If you do not have time to wait,

Come when you have time, because we often get complaints from customers and we can not do anything.

You can get a good service when we are not busy and not a full house.


Ban Thai

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also the best thai food
year 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Best goddamn restaurant 2011
1 of 10 The Best Restaurant in Iceland
dv. 17.06.11

Laugavegi 130 ofan vi Hlemm,
105 Reykjavik

Tel: 692-0564, 55-22-444,

e-mail : banthai@banthai.is

OPEN HOUR : 18.00 - 22.00

WEEK END   : 18.00 - 23.30

( Fri - Sat )

Ban Thai



Hverfisgata 125,

105 Reykjavk

variety of popular thai food
rval af vinslum thailenskum rttum

Tel 588-1810 / 588-1818


Eva Mendes

Food is very very delicious  

Eva Mendes  said  at BanThai  Restaurant
on Wednesdays night (21 / 08 /13)


Recommend new restaurant


Kaew Jarinya, Tomas and Toni Rakkaen



BanThai er besti tlenski veitingastaurinn slandi, en hann hefur m.a. veri kosinn a hverju ri af The Reykjavk Grapevine.
Einnig var hann kosinn einn af 10 bestu veitingastunum slandi n nlega DV. 17. 06. 2011
Staurinn hefur veri starfandi 29 r og bjum vi upp ekta tlenskan mat alveg eins og hann er Tlandi. Af v a eru margir rttir matselinum sem hvergi annars staar er hgt a f t.d. erum vi me srstaka BanThai-ssu, getur stundum veri lng bi og gott er a spurja um biina ef hefur ekki ngan tma, best er v a taka v rlega og njta matarins, ar sem etta er ekki skyndibitastaur, a tekur tma a elda allan matinn, ekkert er tilbi. Vi bjum upp mjg fjlbreytt rval rtta og allir geta fundi eitthva vi sitt hfi, hvort sem a er sterkt ea milt, en rttirnir eru allir merktir me chili-merkjum svo hgt s a sj styrkleikann. Allur maturinn er ltt eldaur r ferskum hrefnum og v heldur hann nringargildi snu og upprunalegu bragi vel. Vi notum t.d. kjklingabringur, nauta fillet, svna fillet, lamba fillet, ferskt grnmeti, ga krydd sem vi flutjum inn sjlf, litla olu og margt fleira en vi notum aldrei msg. Vi bjum ekki upp hnfa, prjna ea soja-ssu. efri h staarins er g astaa fyrir hpa og getum vi teki mti allt a 40 manna hpum, best er fyrir hpa a panta nokkra rtti saman v tekur styttri tma a f matinn. Gott er a drekka tlenskan bjr me matnum en vi bjum upp Singha-bjr sem er einmitt tilboi hj okkur nna fram a ramtum, einnig er gott a drekka tlenskt vn, en tlenska vni sem vi bjum upp hefur unni mrg verlaun einnig er gott a f sr tlenskt visk, brand og romm me matnum.

Fyrir svona gan mat finum sta, skiptir biin einhverju mli ?



Vi byrgjumst ekki a getir bora a sem pantar, ar af leiandi er ekki hgt a skila neinu.  Passau v vel upp t.d. styrkleika rttanna sem pantar, mrgum getur fundist rttur sem er merktur me 1-2 chili- merkjum sterkur a yki ekki sterkt Thalandi, allt sem pantar og fr bori veruru a borga fyrir.  Hr er maturinn merktur eftir styrkleika suur-tlendinga og er v ekki lkt styrkleikamerkingum rum tlenskum veitingastum, hugsau ig v vel um ur en pantar rtt merktan me chili-merkjum, srstaklega ef hann er merktur me 2, 3, 4 ea 5 chili-merkjum, ef ert ekki vanur/vn a bora sterkan mat er best a panta rtt sem er ekki merktur me neinu chili-merki.     

Allur matur er eldaur eftir pntun og v er enginn matur tilbinn fyrirfram.  ar af leiandi er alltaf allavega 10 mntna bi eftir matnum, stundum egar miki er a gera getur v biin veri lng.

Við bjóðum uppá tælenskan bjór
(singha bjór), sem við flytjum inn sjálf
og einnig tælenskt vín sem passar líkt
og  bjórinn mjög vel með
tælenskum mat

Best Beer from Thailand







Read this !

We have noticed that some people who have never eaten in our restaurant; has wrote a review complaints.
Also,  people who tried to order take aways that we had to reject due to how busy it is;
wrote a review complaints.
some people who seem to neglect the warnings from the waitresses or the menu about the level of spice; wrote a review complaints.

That being said:

The level of how spicy of each restaurant is different, the recipes are just strictly being followed for the maximum experience for the customer of thai cuisine.

If you have any food allergies, we ask you to notify in advance before ordering,
everything has been written in the menu.

We are trying to be clear about the situations.

this is why we have received from mbl.is

The most honest restaurant in Iceland?  
 From  mbl.is  24.07.17


In the 30 years that we have run a restaurant in Iceland, we have always been honest, we have never cheated customers or caused them to pay incorrectly for their orders.
This is why we recommend the customers to see the prices before ordering. Some may say it is expensive.  If you compare our food prices with non-asian fine dining restaurants, our prices will be 2 or 3 times cheaper.

Thank you


We are satisfied and pleased about all reviews on TripAdvisor which are the truth and positive about our restaurant. All food is prepared from the main basic ingredients from scratch when the customers order their meal, which is why sometimes the customers have to wait a while longer for their meal to come if it is busy or many groups come that night.

We are dissatisfied about the negative reviews on TripAdvisor because like this our business goes slightly down because from reading one or two bad comments people already decide not to come. They dont give the restaurant a chance to try the food for themselves. Some people are always dissatisfied and will always complain about something, even if nothing happened or something didnt go as they liked. Even though these negative comments are just a few they get more noticed because they are negative. People normally focus more on the negative, which makes potential customers not trust us, even though we are really good.

Ban Thai restaurant has received the best Thai food award from a local newspaper for many years now (every years), also Banthai got top ten for the best restaurants in Iceland (DV. Newspaper 17.06.11) so these negative comments disappoint us and that some potential customers judge the TripAdvisor comments too harshly by not coming to us.

Our menu nearly 200 items to choose

We offer a very wide range of dishes and everyone can find something to their liking, whether it is strong or mild, but the dishes are all marked with a chili-signs so that you can see the strength.

The one to three chili strength dishes are clearly labelled and are mostly well accepted, but the four to five chili strength is only for those that are really used to eating spicy food. This is always said when the customers order the stronger chili dishes, just as a warning, to make sure they can eat them, because we dont like our food to get thrown away. This goes similar to changing the dishes.

do not change the dishes to milder or stronger because it can change the taste and we dont know how strong the customer can tolerate the strength if the dish would be made stronger.

just best to keep the dish as it is.

In the 29 years of being located at the same place and being under the same owners the restaurant has built itself a name and many customers come here regularily so it is disappointing to see

Our restaurant in comparison to most in Iceland, ours tend to be cheaper. 
Given by our entire food ingredient products are sent from Thailand, we make it more convenient to the average price range when it should be higher. 

Ban Thai
is either way not received as a fast food conditioned restaurant, but more as a "casual / fine dining".   


The food and service will be slower when theres a full house
Our food is made fresh from scratch, its not pre-made.

All food is gently cooked from fresh ingredients and that he keeps its nutritional value and original flavors well.

way to take it easy and enjoy your meal, as this is not a snack, it takes time to cook all the food, nothing is ready.

Recommend  Please prepare your time before you come and enjoy your meal 

If you do not have time to wait,

Come when you have time, because we often get complaints from customers and we can not do anything.

You can get a good service when we are not busy and not a full house.

Tel: 692-0564, 55-22-444,
e-mail : banthai@banthai.is




Thai food is rapidly becoming popular in Iceland and perhaps would have been more widely accepted had there not been this stigma that everything is mind blowingly hot.
This is not the case, thai food is popular for its subtle blending of flavours particularly using herbs and roots such as lemon grass, basil, galangal, krachai, coriander, etc.
In our menu, only those dishes marked , , contain chili and all these dishes can be adjusted to your own tolerance level of chili.
Thai food has similarities to both Chinese and Indian foods so if you like either of these you will like Thai food.



The best Thai food 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
Top Ten of the best restaurants in Iceland. dv. 17.06.11
and many more... 
Ban Thai is many famous peple from Iceland and other country have visited.



We are so proud that they have visited our restaurant. 

Eva Mendes 

Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, Douglas Booth, Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Anthony Hopkins, Kevin Durand, Eva Mendes and more... 

President of Iceland.lafur Ragnar Grmsson, the First Lady, Dorrit Moussaieff and Dna

President of Iceland.lafur Ragnar Grmsson, the First Lady, Dorrit Moussaieff and Tmas

Russell Crowe and Tmas Douglas Booth,Tmas and Logan Lerman



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